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Ranch Locator Company - Weimar, Texas

     Ranch Locator Company - Weimar, Texas

"Thank you for considering the Ranch Locator Company as an avenue of selecting your property. We provide real estate buyers with a unique and innovative way of doing business by helping our clients before, during and after a land sale.

The land selection process is complicated by the choices you make in deciding how to proceed. Our company streamlines site visits. There are hundreds of ranches available. We take on the burden of the ranch search process and save you time and money.

Although we work the entire state, our specialty is recreational ranches west of Houston and hunting properties in South Texas, West Texas, and the Texas Hill country. We will locate ranches that falls within the parameters you want and preview them through experienced and skeptical eyes, trying to uncover potential flaws. This is the only way to uncover that jewel in the rough.

So set back and relax, let us do the time consuming field work. You can be confident that the ranch we bring to your attention will be exactly what you are looking for."

Ranch Locator Company
Jack Holman - Broker
1027 County Road 207  Weimar, TX 78962-5252
Office: (979) 263-4367  Fax: (979) 263-4368  Mobile: (979) 732-7503

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